MartialSage Undefeated Conqueror: Generation of Miracles
200 Years ago the first batch of Espers began to appear. Day by day, year by year the Esper population grew to 67% of the world's population. As the Esper population grew, monsters began to appear, they were known as Mutants Facing the most extreme and harsh condition known to men, seeing the dark side of humanity. Will Alexander Exil succumb to darkness? or kill all those who are blocking his path...
NamelessEventide Travelling to my Own World
Bloody And Gory Sometimes ----------------------------------------------- Chu Lingyu 23 Years Old Veteran Programmer Gets transported into His own world 'Realms' Realms was a classic fantasy game Humans, demi-humans, Demons, Devils But will our MC survive on his own world? -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: A.N- I would be gladly receiving...
HentaiGod Dragonball - Absolute
Just a generic cliche fanfic where the MC becomes Goku with an OP cheat called Absolute Condition. Note - I am not the original user of this account. I am his friend writing this fanfic for fun.
dking1053 Record of Commoner Tranxending The Common Sense
This Picture is not own by me. it is randomly taken from Google. ********************************************** A poor and Innocent boy gets a lucky chance as he changes his poor life and makes his own destiny. Trampling over rich young masters Beating evil Conquering Beauty He will defy the common sense