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Chapter 19


Sorry for the delay . I translated the R18 version of chapter 18 . It was a half-a.s.sed translation though . Read it if you’re curious why he thought ‘that’ would break .

Anyway, I changed Toryapka into Tryapka . Tryapka or тряпка means rag since she’s some sort of maid… d.a.m.n author and his stupid names… The MC’s parents are hail and sleet, his friends are named sc.h.i.n.ken, speck and wurst then this… Oh, I also brought back the footnotes .

Disclaimer: I don't guarantee that this is 100% accurate . Please let me know if there are any mistakes in my translations .

Chapter 19: That time when I was also needed for the harvest this year

Because of the use of 【Wind Cutter】during last year’s harvest, it seems like they got several villagers who could use wind magic and made them practice at a near by plain . Because of that, the speed of our harvest has rapidly increased and they also a.s.signed people to be in charge with that task . Village chief, please don’t expect too much from the students .

To make it simpler, they took the number people who could use that magic and divided them into the number of fields . Since I was originally j.a.panese, I’m making use of our characteristic efficiency so in order to finish faster and harvest more than last year, we placed some workers on rotation to help those who were working slowly . Of course, those who can’t use wind cutter are just a.s.signed to collect the wheat .

By the way, since they were using the plain to practice on their own, there are a lot of uneven portions on it . It seems like they practiced quite a lot .

「Yo, Sc.h.i.n.ken, I came to help」 「Aa, that’s a huge help . This is surprisingly complicated, isn’t it? It’s hard since you’ll graze the ground if focus on not making a mistake with the distance too much . Actually, isn’t it just Caam being unexpectedly amazing?」 「Well, that’s because I did it last year」

Was what I said to gloss it over .

「Even my mother said『Mu, I’m not sure how to make slight adjustments』since she was having difficulty stabilizing the cutting end when she first started」

That reliable Arc-san? I only saw her as someone dependable but I guess she also has these cute points . She’s perfect with the bow though .

People using the magic was probably running out of magic power since they’re starting to be unsteady on their feet . I heard someone saying, “Even when I was diving in dungeons before, I’ve never seen magic used like this you know!!” . So there are dungeons in this world…

The harvest just took two days to finish . It was quick since we had a lot of people . Or as a certain used to say, “War is all about numbers!” . Human-wave tactics is truly magnificent .

By the way, I already received the【Offensive Attribute・Wind: 2】announcement a while ago .

「Oi oi, Caam-kun」

A sullen werecat ossan called out to me .

「What is it?」 「We finished the harvest this year with a lot of leeway as expected, right? Do you want to help in dismantling a pig? You should know it if your planning to hunt a wild boar next time」

Said the werewolf ossan while grinning .

「Y-yeah, sure . Please teach me」

I answered immediately replied since I thought I absolutely wouldn’t be able to run away and they took me away like an alien that was caught1 . It’s like they were expecting this .

When we arrived, there was a prior visitor there .

「Yoー so you were caught too!」

Wurst called out to me . With that said, it seems like they really were teaching the youth . The first animal was thoroughly stripped as an example for teaching . The second one was just partially dismantled and the third one was completely left as is . I kept on telling myself ‘This is work, this is just work . This is just practice, I’m just practicing’ in my head as started cutting it up . A lot of things are difficult to handle if you’re not used to this . Like the smell, for example .

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