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A choking atmosphere suddenly enveloped the caverns.

Not a single Freyan remained within the same vicinity as that of Jin and Meldor. The moment Meldor struck Jin with one of his awfully painful thunder strikes— and the latter still standing up as if nothing happened— everything became serious.

In truth, none of them have seen anyone survive any of Meldor's powerful spells, and yet somehow; Jin barely sustained any damage. The fact that he was only suffering from a minor burn made them believe that he was indeed no ordinary demon. However, if it were the Jin of the past, he would've been toasted dry by now, easily.

None of them knew that, and as such, the acclaimed demon king in front of them was as equally domineering as their tribe leader.

"What a cocky demon you are. Tsk tsk, kid… I mean, your "Majesty"? Do you think I'm scared of that shiny little sword you have right there? Your proud family's heirloom? Pah! Don't make me laugh, that thing's nothing but an ornament!" Without warning, Meldor conjured and hurled a yellow energy ball towards the hovering Seyna.

As wise as he, or his programmed A.I., is, Meldor would obviously know what the Seyna was capable of, or so his program thinks. For a self-learning A.I., Meldor would certainly learn a thing or two from his, or other's, "past".

It is a way for them, the non-playable characters, to improve and evolve.

However, the current Seyna was different. It was now something no A.I. could learn.

The rushing ball of yellow light made its way towards the demonic sword Seyna; an unstoppable force seemingly lurking inside that very bright sphere. With such blinding speed, Meldor's attack would definitely destroy the sword— Only if it lands, that is.


A speeding sound followed by a supersonic boom echoed through the cavern walls;


Another explosion followed as Meldor's attack landed, not on the sword, but on the cavern's roof. Rocks started falling. Jin nimbly moved around, evading the falling debris overhead. A cloud of dust puffed up from the impact, causing the surrounding visibility to tremendously drop. Jin could not see anything, and nor does Meldor, however—

A streak of red light suddenly illuminated the foggy cavern.

"Ack!" An anguishing cry suddenly resounded under the misty veil. The clouds of dust gradually cleared. A bloody Meldor appeared from the shroud, his entire body punctured with deep wounds. As soon as everything went visible once more; everyone could now clearly see what was happening:

The relatively tiny demonic sword Seyna was slaughtering the gigantic Meldor!

Meldor kept swinging his staff to shoo the pesky sword. However, a seemingly nonstop barrage of attacks kept rushing towards him. The sword was blindingly fast! If it were not for Meldor's Troll bloodline, which increases his regeneration by ten folds that of ordinary humans, he would've died from severe blood loss.

"This kind of trick… you won't get me like this, demon!" Instead of attacking the speedy sword, Meldor directed his gaze towards Jin. Without hesitation, he conjured and attacked Jin with the same lightning ball as he threw towards Seyna. The bright sphere streaked without stopping. A whistling noise resounded as it got closer to Jin, however…

Jin, who was now an agile beast instead of a beefy monster, swiftly evaded the attack.

The cavern was once more fogged with dust, reducing everyone's vision. A streak of red light zipped, and an anguishing cry resounded once more. The same scene unfolded, it looked grim for the tribe leader. The onlookers could not help but feel terrified, a sense of fear tingled own their spine. How was this possible? Even Meldor, the strongest one in their race, could be beaten into a pulp like this? The demon himself didn't even attack!

Meldor could not accept the fact that he was somehow being bullied by Jin.

Him? The strongest of the Freya race, being browbe

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