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The news of Jin arriving at the northern caverns reached the ears of the tribe's leader; a Freyan Hill Troll Shaman named Meldor. Without question, Jin was immediately granted audience, although not a welcoming one at that. As soon as he arrived, gigantic guards surrounded him; Freyans with dominant traits coming from warring Orcs.

These guards were huge, double the height and build of Jin. However, the terrifying presence of an actual high breed stood in front of him. Meldor, the shaman tribe leader, emitted an aura unlike anything Jin had felt before. An aura only a wise leader could exude, whilst having a terrifying presence of a barbaric monster ready to pounce on its prey.

"Demon, what brought you here? We have not done anything to warrant your visit."

Jin stuttered in his reply. He was still in awe at the magnificence of the Freyan race leader, "Just to make things clear, I am not here to cause any trouble… To be honest, I don't even know why I am here to begin with. Only one thing's for certain… I came here for this?—"

From one of the slits of his fur-leather clothes, Jin drew out a badge-like object only Demon Royalties could possess. A flustered expression appeared on the face Meldor, but was soon replaced by a look of disdain and mockery "...That badge— Ah, are you some petty thief from the demon kingdom? What a pricey thing you have there. Hmmm, that's it! Ah, you made me nervous there, I thought you were some kind of a demon prin— "

From another slit, Jin pulled out a ring with a face of a golden demon. The very ring that symbolizes a 'crowned' heir. As demons wear full armors, helms are put in place of crowns, and as such, they are crowned with these golden rings instead. Unlike the badge which only symbolizes one's belonging within demon royalties, the ring represents the fact that anyone wearing it is, or once was, a demon king.

"Ah, this should clarify my identity. I came here for the sake of my grandfather, Demon King Krell." Jin frankly stated his intentions, blatantly saying his grandfather's name. The golden ring glinted even with the limited lighting inside the cavern, showcasing its authenticity.

With how brazen Jin was, even Meldor could not deny that the demon in front of him exude exceptional confidence befitting to only those of rulers. "That ring— So you're the current ruler of the Priyan Demon Kingdom. Then, what does your Majesty want in a barren place such as this one? How is your grandfather related to this visit?" Meldor shifted his tone, albeit still overbearing, after realizing that Jin was no common demon.

"As you might have known already, my grandfather has not been in this place for a long time now. It might've been more than a decade at the very least." Jin spoke.

"So what of it? I have been ruling this place even before your grandfather's last visit. I see no point of you bringing that up now. Seeing that you're now the current ruler, It is certain that Krell is already dead, and so is your father." Meldor replied.

"Ah… that is not the point. I am not in a disagreement of you ruling this place. I am actually here to offer you something." Jin added. He didn't stutter but in his heart, he was quite nervous. Meldor looks and feels too domineering for even him, a demon king, to talk and address casually. For him, it felt extremely uncomfortable.

Meldor kept a blank face, staring at Jin as if waiting for him to continue.

"I am here to offer you my great service. You, and the Freya race— Submit yourselves. Offer your subservience to me, and I will guide you all to prosperity. Your subordination will bear fruit and…" Jin wasn't able to continue his well-thought-out speech when a bolt of bright yellow lightning suddenly came streaking towards him.

The speed of which the bolt traveled was blindingly fast that Jin couldn't even react.

HP: 2400 (-600)


"You're more of an insolent clown rather than a noble king… You dare step

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