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Cold winds blew and swept across the forbidden forest.

The mirage-like green and gray fur of the King Bushwolf danced with the breeze, showcasing its serene yet still menacing beauty. It would seem like the beast was wrongly named as a 'king', as it showcased a charm and splendor befitting that of a queen instead.

Although its glinting pair of silvery eyes were fearsome, Jin could not deny the fact that the beast in front of him was beautiful. It was unlike any other beast that he had encountered.

Moving a few steps back, Jin prepared himself. The look in the eyes of the King Bushwolf was rather calm, although one could feel the raging intent it was holding back. For a game to generate such a realistic feeling of fear, it was simply outstanding. Jin halted his steps, the hovering Seyna then initiated its first attack, as it rocketed towards the King Bushwolf.


Strong winds swept as the demonic sword Seyna swiftly made its way towards the unmoving beast. However, the moment it got close enough— a breath away from the King Bushwolf— An unexpected scene occurred. The sharp blade of the greatsword somehow went through, instead of against, the monstrous wolf.

The attack… missed.

It was a complete whiff!

Carried by its own momentum, the demonic sword Seyna struck the ground, blowing up clouds of dust. The fog-like scene reduced Jin's vision. The surroundings suddenly became foggy once more. The mirage figure of the King Bushwolf disappeared within the shroud of haze, like a silver veil covering the face of a jade-like beauty.

In a split second, the King Bushwolf completely disappeared.

However, Jin knew that the King Bushwolf didn't escape. He could clearly see that his status was still 'In Combat', and there was no way a LV 50 monster would run away from a mere LV 18 armorless demon king. Something immediately felt amiss with the situation.

HP: 5,714 (-3,000)

Jin suddenly felt a surging pain.

Huge fangs bore down his bare neck. In an instant, a third of Jin's HP completely disappeared. Gaping holes were apparent on his neck. Blood dripped from the terrifying bite mark. In the next instant; the King Bushwolf disappeared once more. Jin was too shocked that he couldn't immediately react…

[Player is affected by King Bushwolf's Passive 'Thorn of the Thickets''!]

['Bleed' effect applied!]

[Will lose 5% HP (total) per sec.]

[Please seek immediate assistance]...

A series of notifications jogged Jin's attention back, blood still dripping from his neck. Suddenly, he could feel his knees numbing, it felt like he couldn't move at all— It was if he was frozen in place by an unseen force. His body trembled, coldness ran down his spine.

It wasn't because of another status ailment… Jin was actually scared.

The fear of dying this time felt real… It was unlike his past resolve to accepting death. This time, he felt that he really was alive, and he could be facing certa

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