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The game announcement shocked every player.

Even though most didn't really care about what happened in the Priyan Kingdom. The news about the difficulty level jumping to such a high degree was what bothered them. It was simply astounding and unprecedented.

It was definitely a first, and it signified a grim possibility for the future of Dark Descent.

What if another raid fails in the future but in a much harder area? If it was possible for a D-rank area to shift its difficulty to S-rank just from a single failed raid, then what would happen if it was an A-rank area instead? Wouldn't that just spawn an unplayable area?

Many questions bothered different players, some more than others. All the talk infested the game forums— Many people were questioning what triggered such a thing to happen. Numerous speculations appeared here and there, but as for solid answers, none came.


In a dark room filled with nothing but posters of beautiful idols sat a quiet Josef.

He blankly stared at his VR gear, moving it back and forth on his two hands. His face didn't foster any positive emotion. His lips were pale, his eyes; dark and dull, and his expression; devoid of any happiness. He was spacing out all this while after what happened.

"What was the point of playing all this time if I am just gonna lose everything?"

He solemnly muttered, his hands trembling, accidentally letting go of the VR gear, which fell and rolled down the wooden floor in a loud thud. Tears suddenly rolled down Josef's face. Being what most people would label as "unattractive", Josef lived a solitary life away from others. He was tired of hearing mockery and the like. For him, Dark Descent was more than just a game; it's his source of income, something a shut-in like him could rely on.

With only two more lives remaining, Josef felt extremely depressed. After acquiring his dream skill-set and equipment, he was confident enough to keep the three lives he had for the rest of his gaming career. Unfortunately, it hadn't been the case. He had lost one more just because of an "accident", something he never accounted for.

"... Why do I have to be so unlucky!" Josef angrily rebuked.

… *Ring!*

[Hey Josef, are you there? Can we meet? We have to talk about something -Cherise]

Suddenly, a text came. Josef hesitatingly picked and read the message.

A confused expression was suddenly painted on his face. Why was Cherise suddenly contacting him? She never had been the type to contact anyone outside the game. Josef, who was still grieving, felt a lot less gloomy after hearing from Cherise. Even though he lived a solitary life, it was a lot different in-game. He had a few friends in Dark Descent, including Vince, and of course, Cherise.

[Yeah, I'm here. Where do we meet exactly? I'll be there. -Josef]


Dark Descent— Seymus City, Altrius Continent.

The roads were cramped up with more players than usual. As the chosen save point for the Priyan Kingdom raid, it would obviously be one when they were force teleported after the raid failure. Although the Seymus City wasn't all that busy in terms of in-game economy, it was still somehow lively without the presence of the additional players.

One thing that made Seymus City somehow known was due to its close proximity to monster-farming areas. Albeit being one, the place isn't all that popular currently. Most monsters that exist within those farming areas are capped up to LV 10— Too low for the majority of concurrent players' average level.

"Those three that were sent probably failed… Tsk, and here I thought they were reliable."

"They were even about LV 30, right? How were they not enough to kill a D-rank boss?."

"Blah, what are we even doing here! It's too crowded, I'm out." — [Log Out]

Players from the raid immediately showed their displeasure after what happened.

Most were arguing while others opted to just log out and leave. None really cared

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