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Upon the high podium of the demonic throne room floated a blood-red greatsword.

Vince, Josef, and Cherise could not help but gasp in shock to what they were seeing. The ominous voice that they heard just now came from the demonic sword! A talking weapon? A talking weapon could only mean one thing in Dark Descent—

"It's— It's a mythical weapon! But how is that even possible? Isn't the Priya Kingdom just a D-rank area!?" Vince spoke in confusion. The knowledge they have about the game was quite vast, and things regarding weapon rarity would obviously not slip their minds. The fact that a mythical weapon suddenly appeared in a D-rank area was mind-boggling to them. It was simply impossible.

Ominous energy suddenly poured out from the demonic sword, dripping down towards the corpse of the fallen Demon King Jin.

*Click* *Click* *Click*

The decapitated head of the demon king suddenly came back to life. It moved on its own and inched towards the demon king's body. In the next instant, it floated and re-attached itself, reforming the demon king anew. The ominous energy continued dripping down as it seeped inside the wounds of Demon King Jin, healing it in the process.

The party of three could not help but feel pressured by the suddenness of the scene.

Nothing good ever happens when they couldn't even clear a raid after presumably killing the boss. The fact that everything else within the kingdom was pathetically weak and the boss was even more so made things a whole lot more confusing. The appearance of a mythical weapon, however, made them doubt that there was nothing more to all this. Only one thing was certain— they won't be returning home with their remaining lives intact.

"How many more lives do you two have?" Vince whispered, his gaze still fixed at the scene of the dead demon king slowly being revived by the mythical blood-red sword.

Cherise immediately opened and scrolled through her status page to check, "I… I'm good, I have 22 lives left." A look of relief appeared on her face. Even if she dies, she won't be suffering that much. Even if she loses 20% of her current gold and experience progress; it wouldn't really matter. What's more important is that she could still play the game comfortably with more than twenty lives remaining.

However, a grave expression was suddenly painted on Josef's face. "I— I have 4 more lives left. Tsk, I can't waste one more here! Damn it!" The effeminate looking avatar rebuked in rage. Josef, a spear-wielding player who mostly farmed things in-game, have spent too many of his lives in the hunt for the best equipment. However, this took a toll on him:

In an instance of an unexpected event, he runs the highest risk of having his game character die and not respawn again. Mere four more lives meant that Josef could not risk losing one more against the reviving demon king.

"No. I won't lose another life here. I'll end this stupid demon boss myself."

Josef hardened hims

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