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The quietness of the castle felt eerie. Literally, no one was there besides Jin.

The Priyan Kingdom, after being sealed off, had been a desolate area. What made things even worse was that the demons residing within the kingdom still haven't respawned even after an entire day. Jin waited, but nothing happened.

Is he being left alone on his own devices? Is there no way that those demons could return?

'Should I just wait until the counter ticks down to see if something would happen?' Jin thought as he stared at the timer at the upper right corner of his vision. The timer that granted the Priyan Kingdom temporary protection from the outside world.

[5 days, 20 hrs., 48 min.]

The timer ticked ever so slowly, making Jin feel weirdly comfortable. The temporary protection was totally unexpected, but it was something that he was thankful for. If not for it, stronger players might've arrived already and swarmed the entire place while it was still very vulnerable. For now, he aimed to fix the kingdom all by himself before the timer ends.


Name: Jin Vel Frey [Jin] LV: 13

Job: Demon King

Title: The One Who Gained Sentience (+1), Effect: grants S.P.C. (Passive)

(1-) Demon Royalty Successor

Jin inspected his status page while walking around the desolate Priyan Kingdom. He felt extremely lonely seeing that not even dead bodies were littered around. However, Jin didn't find all this surprising. For now, focusing would be the way to go for him if he wants to redeem himself from all his past failure.

'I merely gained thirteen levels after killing those players. Is this not a bit underwhelming though? Considering how huge the level gap was, I expected a larger level boost…' Jin pondered after seeing that the experience points he gained was unremarkable.

He gained nothing more but stat points.

'Ah, I shouldn't think about this too much. I'll just assign the stat points I gained…'

'Assign 60 points to STR'...'Assign 5 points to LUK'


STR: 85 --- INT: 0

AGI: 0 --- DEX: 0

VIT: 0 --- LUK: 10

Stat Points: 30 (Base) + 65 (Levels) + 0 (Bonus). 0/95 Total.


HP: 9,000

MP: 50

Fatigue: 1


Without hesitation, Jin assigned the majority of his stat points to STR, granting him once more a huge chunk of raw HP. Oddly enough, he assigned another 5 points to LUK. It was and has been, a questionable choice, but for Jin, a boost of 1% to random chances could definitely be a deciding factor in the future; he could feel it in his demon heart.

Jin strolled further down the kingdom, ultimately reaching the outskirts.

The iron gates that once stood tall amongst the hard brick walls were now nowhere to be seen. Jin could clearly see the outside world, a place beyond the Priyan Kingdom. A place he never had the chance to venture before. He was born a royalty, and even within the demon race, they were treated way too extravagantly that they weren't allowed

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