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"Well, that was, one way to avoid fighting hehe..."

◄█ You know it´s bad when even toriel doesn´t know what to say █►

Shut up... i get it. Now stop.

"I am really glad since you didn´t hurt the monster. But next time try talking with it okay?"


We continue on our way till i see another poster.

[Western room is the eastern room´s blueprint.]

ehmmm what? I don´t understand that one.

◄█ Let´s just continue. █►

We resumed our traveling up until we arrived in front of the sea of spikes.

"I don´t think we can pass through here..."

"Don´t worry my child, This is just another puzzle. Here, take my hand for a moment. I don´t want you to get hurt."

I took her big paws.. The sensation was amazing. It was so smooth and nice to touch. Like a pillow.

◄█ Enjoying are we? █►

Of course she is so soft, ahhh

◄█ Gross...█►

We easily passed through all the spikes while holding hands.

"Puzzles seem a little too dangerous for now."

Toriel said that as she walked into another room.

Great, another room... My legs are hurting a bit .

"You Have Done Excellently thus far, my child.

However i have a difficult request to ask of you."

"Okay? So what is it?"

I am kinda afraid now.

" ... I would like you to walk to the end of the room by yourself"

Is that it? I don´t see a problem in that. Do you see any traps or something?

◄█ No... █►

"Forgive me for this"

"Well i don´t mi-"

Toriel dashed forward with an incredible speed leaving behind only particles of dust.

What was that about..

This corridor is long and i am afraid my legs won´t make it, at this rate she will have to carry me .

Anyway, let´s go after her.


Some time later....

We are on this path 5 minutes already and nothing is happening.. Is it possible that there is some kind of puzzle that we need to complete before proceeding?

◄█ Impossible, just continue .█►

Alright alright... i am still pretty sure i am insane but i will obey you The voice in my head,

◄█ ... █►

After another 5 minutes we have finally arrived at the end of the corridor.

"Ahhh my poor legs.."

From within the pillar, Toriel appeared. I jumped up straight and gooseflesh pimpled my skin.

"Oh don´t be scared my child it´s me. Do not worry i did not leave you."

I got scared shittless right there.

◄█ hehe █►

Why are you laughing... Everyone would be scared if she jumped into your face.

And i have a feeling you knew she was there.

◄█ ... █►

Silence hmmm .

"It´s alright Toriel, i just wasn´t really sure if there was some kind of puzzle that i needed to do before proceeding ."

"Hehe i was merely behind this pillar the whole time. Thank you for trusting me. However, there was an important reason for this excercise. It was to test your independence.

I must attend to some business, and you must stay alone for a while. Please remain here. It´s dangerous to explore by yourself. I will be back in a minute.

I have an idea. I will give you a cell phone.

If you have a need for anything, just call me.

Be good alright? Bye my child."

Okay it looks like we are alone here now.

◄█ Alright let´s go exploring! █►

You are strangely happy for some reason..

◄█ Well why wouldn´t i be? There will be so many monsters around and you will either have to fight them, scare them or talk them to death.. i am really excited about this. █►

Haha very funny. For now we will just wait for her since she said that it won't take long.

◄█ Tch. Fine. █►


After 20 minutes...

◄█ Can we go already? I am getting bored..█►


Anyways i´ve got this cell phone so.. do i call her or not?

◄█ Of course try calling her a few times.█►


"Hello my child?"

"Hello, i am sorry i am calling you but i am bored.

When wil

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