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"Don't worry, i am sure that you will remember soon"

Now that i look at this person closer.

She has droopy ears and short horns kinda like a goat that we owned till we sold her.

A pair of visible fangs and long eyelashes could be seen as well as her irises that have a dark red tint.

She has a big build, with paws at the end of her limbs. They are really cute by the way

There is also this purple robe she wears with this weird symbol resembling an angel.

Maybe she is one? ◄█ Dont tell me you fell in love █►

Hah no way...

Anyway i am not entirely sure if i should trust her since this Flowey guy wanted to hurt me the second i woke up.

◄█ You can trust her, don´t worry about that. █►

How do you know that?

◄█ Don´t ask stupid questions, of course i know she is my mo- i just know.█►

Haah alright .... what is wrong with me. Am i really going to trust this weird voice in my head once again.. but.. if it weren´t for it, i would have probably been hurt, or even died in the worst case...

"I pass through this place every day to see if anyone has fallen down"

What a kind person. ◄█ She is █►

"Excuse me miss Toriel.. Do you happen to know the way out of here because i want to go home as soon as possible?"

"Oh, that, i know. Let´s... let´s just go. i will guide you through the catacombs.

This way! Come, follow me my child."


I follow the goat for a while till we get to the next room but oh boy is it beautiful here.

This is such an amazing structure i can´t believe something like this even exists.

"What is it my child?"

"Nothing, it´s just that this place looks beautiful."

Toriel smiles at me and pats my head.

"let´s continue."

We headed further into the catacombs till we saw a pair of white stairs from left and right.

Suddenly a yellow glowing star appeared and called out to me.

It seems like Toriel doesn´t see it as she walks up the stairs while humming some kind of song.

Well, i have nothing to lose, only my life so i might as well touch it.

"The shadow of the ruins looms above, filling you with determination.

HP fully restored."

some kind of panel popped up and it says:



LV 0




What the hell... is all of this.

◄█ This is our interface, click on the SAVE to save your life. You are basically invincible once you SAVE your file.

Every time you die you can just return to this point to try doing something again.

LV 0- well about this... LV or LOVE meaning level of violence... increases your HP, AT, and DF when it rises. It´s basically a way of measuring someone's capacity to hurt. █►

"Now that´s a different kind of love i know of but.. now that i think about it, it all makes sense.

So that Flowey dude was trying to kill me and get stronger right?

◄█ Yes Indeed , now go before she get´s angry █►

Anyway, everytime i die? Can´t i go back to this save by any other way?

◄█ Well you can but, why would you go back? █►

Doesn´t matter. Alright i better start following Toriel again.

I quickly followed toriel and we arrived in front of a nice house.

"Welcome to your new home, innocent one."

"Wouldn´t call myself innocent but okay we will go with that."

"hehe, allow me to educate you in the operation of the RUINS.

Do you see these pressure plates? These are a basic puzzles. Watch me"

i watched her as she went through 4 of them and made a perfect square.

The door opened with a "screech"


"Of course, we monsters are amazing with any kinds of puzzles"

her enormous chest bounced up and down as she proudly declared

"So monsters are real after all."

"Of course they are...

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