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Chapter 97

A few minutes later, Kazura and the others moved to the back room of the shop and took their seats across the long table .

Zirconia sat next to Kazura, with Liese and Eira sitting across from her .

“Is it correct to say that we were trying to make a good pre-existing fact and get married without a hitch?”

“Oh, I mean, Master Kazura, Master Liese didn’t mean any harm…”

Eira interrupted to protect Liese, who was awkwardly dropping her gaze to the table .

From earlier, Eira kept receiving looks from Zirconia as if to say, “Do something about it . ”

”What, no?”

“I don’t think…”

“Hey! You need to talk them out of it!”

“Well, it doesn’t matter . ”

“Ugh . ”

“I don’t want you to cry…”

As Liese groaned with tears in her eyes, Kazura sighed and scratched his head, wondering what was going on .

Judging from the conversation between Liese and the others earlier, there was no doubt that Liese’s att.i.tude until now was all an act .

It seems that she was aiming to marry him for money and power, but I didn’t think she was going to have a nighttime visit .


“What’s the matter with you?”

“It’s nothing . ”

At Kazura’s prodding, Liese looked down at the table again .

Her usual dignified atmosphere was nowhere to be seen, her shoulders slumped and she back shrank into a small shrug .

“It’s true that Liese-sama adores Kazura-sama . Even when she talks to me every day, there’s not a moment when the subject of Kazura-sama doesn’t come up . ”

“No, it doesn’t take much convincing for me to hear him say things like ‘I’m going to make you get down and get you to spend a lot of money’ there is no way to persuade him otherwise . ”

”Oh, about money, well… Lady Liese can be a bit money-hungry, but she has a good eye for people . I’m sure, and I’m not the kind of person who would maliciously deceive people . I’m sure he’s not the kind of person who cheats people out of malice…”

“Isn’t that pretty painful… and it sounds like you’re ready to do it when you want to have night time visit and say it’s already happened . ”

”Well, um … I was told that there was a woman who was close to Kazura-sama, so I was under the impression that she was close to you . Master Liese was afraid he was going to go! Then I was just about to act in a damsel-in-distress way!”

Trying to break the situation somehow, Eira desperately spun the words .

After all, there was Zirconia in front of Eira right now .

If she remained silent and did nothing here, her head might fly off later on .


Kazura folded his arms and snorted, turning her attention to Liese .

Liese, who had been sneaking a peek at Kazura while groaning, looked down at the table with a hint of a swoon when her eyes met Kazura’s .

”Does Kazura-sama not like Liese-sama?”

“It’s not that I don’t like it, but…”

“Then why don’t you take this opportunity to go out

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