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Chapter 65

Chapter 65: The People who Work Even More 「Then, the supervisor for the field’s fertilizer scattering will be entrusted to Isaac-san and Havel-san, as we will head towards the river . If I am not wrong, we will be going north, right?」(Kazura) While observing the people who began their work, Kazura asked Zirconia, who stood beside him .

「That’s correct . There is a large river flowing from the northern mountains . It is about half of quarter stound[1] walking away from this place . 」(Zirconia) On the map of the region surrounding Isteria that Kazura had borrowed from Nelson several days ago, aside from the location of the rivers or mountains, it also depicted the location of hills, springs, forests, and wetlands . The river touched the surrounding edges of the northern and eastern fields as it branched into numerous tributaries that flows into the riverside fields and to Isteria city itself . The locations where the crops suffered from the severe drought this time were mostly at the area directly affected by the decrease of the river’s flow volume due to the droughts . Though the not so hilly fields were irrigated by waterways, when the river’s water had a sudden drop, its water couldn’t enter the waterway due to the height difference . Although the water had been stored in a few reservoirs here and there, but even these had dried up completely . Perhaps the other reason why the northern and the western field had such severe drought was because of the heat wind blew down from the northern mountains . [2]Since the southern and the eastern fields were located away from the mountains and Isteria City s.h.i.+elded them and dispersed the heat wind, the drought was a bit lighter . 「Let see, a quarter stound should be about 15 minutes…… I understand . Let’s head there immediately . Since we will a.s.semble the waterwheel on site, please bring all the servants . 」(Kazura) With the carriages with the waterwheel parts, the guards and the servants trailing behind him, Kazura began to walk towards the river . ✧✦✧✦ 「Havel, how’s your body feel today?」(Isaac) While looking at the sight of Kazura departing towards the river, Isaac began to talk with Havel who was beside him . 「It’s incredibly well . It feels as if the inside of my body had been renewed completely . As if the tiredness I had until now was a lie . 」(Havel) While also looking at Kazura’s group, Havel answered Isaac . Until both of them received Lipo-D from Kazura, they had been quite fatigued from riding a Rata for a long time . However, after 2 hours pa.s.sed since they drank the Lipo-D, their body suddenly felt light . In spite of only have a 2 hours wink of sleep this morning, both of them were in a perfect physical condition . This magic-like precipitous physical change was nothing but surprising to both of them . 「Kazura-sama had said that this is a secret medicine from the G.o.d’s Realm, but I never imagine that it will have this tremendous effect……」(Isaac) 「That’s true . If this had much potency then no matter how sick someone will be, he will soon get better…… Huh?」(Havel) Havel had his words stopped and then showed a confusion . 「Hmm, what’s wrong?」(Isaac) 「Nothing . It’s just that, I am wondering that even when he have a secret medicine this strong, why Kazura-sama always showed a tired expression that much . 」(Havel) Based on what Havel observed of Kazura, he was always had a bag under his eyes and dreadfully tired from working . If he feels tired, he should drink the secret medicine and be restored, even so for some reason Kazura didn’t drink the secret medicine . This was the question that appeared on Havel’s mind . 「That’s true…… It can’t be that he didn’t take any of it because he might be keeping it aside for our sake, right……?」(Isaac) At Havel’s words, Isaac also pondering about it and couldn’t understand it . Even if they were thinking that there is some special reason, but they wouldn’t be able to understand without directly asking it to

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