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Chapter 95

Chapter 94: Phalanx and Lead Bullet

Three days later, morning.

After finished with his breakfast, Kazura was guided by Lieze to a military facility inside Isteria City.

This military facility was surrounded by a 3 meters high stone wall, so the people outside couldn’t peek at the inside.

Inside the facility premise, there were many armored soldiers and servants.

When they saw Lieze, they straightened their postures and bowed down to greet her.

「Every soldiers except for the guards are training at this facility. At this hour, they should have been practicing in the yard, so shall we take a look?」(Lieze)

While replying the soldiers with a smile, Lieze brought Kazura further inside.

Lieze herself was wearing an armor, but for today, her hairstyle wasn’t in a chignon[1] as she let her long hair flowing down her back like her she usually did.

「Yes, please. Even so, this place is a rather big facility……」(Kazura)

Kazura previously had a rough look at the facility from the outside, but the stone wall had a considerable length as if it extended all the way.

He was wondering if a military facilities this huge inside the city won’t become a major obstacle from the city traffic point of view.

However, for the soldiers staying in it, this place was a good location where they always could sally forth to the city, so perhaps this arrangement also takes the soldiers living environment into the consideration.

Perhaps they were targeting the soldiers, there were many shops like small restaurant or clothing stores lined up around the facility.

「Since this facility is modeled after the Army Fortress on wartime, it has considerable size. If war actually happened, there will be many facilities about this size constructed on the front lines.」(Lieze)

「The same size like this? It’s as if you are constructing a city.」[2](Kazura)

Inside the facility’s premises, there were numerous wooden one-storied buildings lined at regular intervals.

Each building covered a wide-ranged different purpose, such as barracks, armory, hospitals, or granary.

Perhaps to protect against vermin, the granary’s floor was constructed 1 meter above the ground.

Also, there were several wooden watchtowers alongside the stone walls, which gave the facility a rather tight security impression.

「Yes, it indeed feels like that. When it’s winter, neither enemies nor allies able to move, furthermore, the fort on the front are constructed facing each other, so they will pa.s.s the winter there. Though in a real fort, they wouldn’t be stonewalled like this but will use earthen walls or wood palisades.」(Lieze)

「I see, since it’s a temporary residence limited to the winter season, is it?」(Kazura)

According to Lieze's explanation, a fort like this place will be constructed as near as possible to the largest river.

Though obtaining water for daily necessities was one of their objectives, they also could establish a line of communication with the other cities by using s.h.i.+ps.

Since rivers transport is far less expensive than land transport, if they could construct an encampment in a place that could be reached by s.h.i.+ps, it would also make the transportation of goods easier.

If there are villages or towns nearby, they would build a fort close to it.

「By the way, I had heard about a fort construction near the border with Balviel, but is that fortress constructed differently from this fort?」(Kazura)

「Although not completely different, the fortress near the border is much larger than this fort. It also furnished with city services for the stationed army, so rather than a fortress, it might be more accurate to refer it as a fortified city.」(Lieze)

「Fortified city…… So it is like a smaller version of Isteria City?」(Kazura)

「Yes, I think that that impression is not wrong.」(Lieze)

While having a conversation like this as they walked, the two arrived at the trai

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