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Chapter 74

Chapter 74: Showing One’s Real Ability At night, 3 days later. Inside the office at Nelson’s estate, with a map of the agriculture fields area unfolded in front of him, Kazura explained the progress of the work with Nelson and others.There were labels pasted at several places in the unfolded map, like『Waterwheel (good)』 and 『Waterwheel (defective)』, accompanied with a comment about the installed waterwheel in this world language.Since Kazura practically still couldn’t write or read this country’s script[1], the labels were written by asking Zirconia to do so not long ago.

Inside the room, there was Nelson and Zirconia, also Isaac and Havel.As always, Zirconia sat beside Kazura, while Nelson sat opposite to him and listened to his explanation with a serious expression.Isaac and Havel stood beside the table and viewed the map from above.Lieze wasn’t in this place since she was in the middle of bathing right now. At the first day when Lieze was accompanying Kazura, she asked him to teach her the criteria to decide the location for installing the waterwheel and the points to note of its construction. On the next day, she volunteered to do some of the workloads and commanded the servants and the guards by herself.Thanks to this, the progress of the waterwheel installation work was doubled and today they were joyously able to finish the waterwheel for the main waterway of the northern and western grain fields.However, as expected since she was doing a work she was not accustomed to for a long period of time, when the first day was over Lieze seemed as if she was going to collapse from all the heat and fatigue.Perhaps because she was trying not to make Kazura worried, in front of Kazura she made a lively expression and behaved cheerfully, however, there were slight shadows of fatigue that appeared and disappeared, which could be seen on her face.After seeing her praiseworthy deed of frantically doing her best for the territory, Kazura’s heart was moved a bit.[2] By the way, the things about showing a fleeting tiredness while forcibly acted lively, all were behaviors that Lieze had calculated.It wasn’t wrong that she wanted to give her best in dealing with the work, it wasn’t wrong that she was considerably fatigued than the usual, either. But the expression she made was something that she had properly thought about where and how much these could be displayed in the most effective way.In front of someone like Lieze, who held an excellent ability to fabricate her expression and ambiance, furthermore, the expression that she showed was as if it was completely not artificial, Kazura shouldn’t be able to see through her true intention. 「Thanks to Lieze-san, the waterwheel installation is able to be finished much earlier. After this, it will be about the waterway in the south and the east, but this is not that seriously urgent, right?」(Kazura) 「It is relatively in a better situation compared to the north and west, but there are damages f

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