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Chapter 89

Chapter 89: The Doable Thing, The Undoable Thing Zirconia returned to her own room and then closed the door behind her, before slowly crouching down on the spot . 「……u……uh……gu……」(Zirconia)

She was trying to forcefully suppress the leaking out sobs while hugging her slightly shaking body with both hands . How could she improve Kazura’s impression of her? Zirconia had observed Kazura for quite some time ago . After seeing how Lieze successfully curried up favor with Kazura, Zirconia mimicked Lieze’s action . Perhaps because it was effective, she felt that Kazura had perceived her friendlier than before . However, she never thought that he would make a night call for her this fast . When she decided to take action to obtain Kazura’s favor, she should have resolved herself that one day she might be called for a night companions.h.i.+p . She thought that she will do anything if it was to obtain power . If it’s possible, even afterward, she would seduce Kazura, even if she only ended at his favorite night partner . However, when that time came now, she had a frightening flashback scene of the past, something unbearably scary and dreadful . Even though she was just offering her own body, her head was helplessly filled with fear . It was different than that time . It won’t dirtied herself like that time . It won’t be the scene that she saw at that time . Even when she had persuaded herself with those words, her shaking body didn’t stop . 「How…… pathetic……」(Zirconia) While her tears fell down, she began to curse her own disappointing self . The regret of having completely lost the opportunity that came unexpectedly before her very own nose started to swirl around her mind . “I didn’t call you for a night companions.h.i.+p” . Herself who felt relieved when those words came out was pathetic . She should have mustered some courage somehow and proposed for another night companions.h.i.+p, but she had excused herself from his room without thinking about this . Perhaps, she might not even be called for a night companions.h.i.+p anymore . From now on, she only could pray that Lieze or Eira would be successful and Kazura would take an interest in them . She didn’t know if she could obtain powerful blessing or additional aids, but she couldn’t help but pray that it will be successful . 「Father…… Mother…… Everyone…… Sorry……」(Zirconia) While speaking out words of repentance, Zirconia continued to cry for awhile . ✦✧✦✧✦ Morning, the next day . Kazura, who was sleeping while putting his hand on the a.n.a.log clock that was placed on the small table beside the bed, was awakened by the knocking sounds from the door . Actually, he had awakened when the alarm clock rung its metallic sound earlier . However, since he was so tired, he stopped the alarm and slept for the second time . While rubbing his sleepy eyes, he got up from the bed and called out to the door, 「Come in」 . The door soon opened and Marie entered the room . Different from Kazura who

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