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Chapter 56

Chapter 56: Hungry Recommendation Under the sinking sun that dyed the earth with a sunset color, Zirconia and Otis arrived at a place where several fist-sized stones were piled up on the ground.Underneath these stones was the place where the bandits were buried. 「Is this the place?」(Z) 「……Yes, Ma’am.」(O)

Ignoring Otis who showed a reluctant expression, Zirconia put the spade he brought from the carriage on the ground and began to clear the stones from the ground.Then, when she picked up the spade again, she began to dig the ground unconcernedly.Since he couldn’t just do nothing while Zirconia herself was digging, Otis also reluctantly dug the ground with the spade.They continued digging for awhile when the tip of Otis’s spade hit something. 「…… I hit the corpse.」(O) 「Is that so? Then let’s take them out.」(Z) Zirconia placed the spade, wore the gloves carried in her waist, kneeled to the ground and cleared the dirt.After removing the soils covering the corpse for a moment, a pair of human feet appeared.Zirconia grasped the corpse’s feet with both of her hand, pulled it out with all of her strength from the tomb and drag it outside.The surrounding immediately filled with a tremendous putrid smell. 「……The head is gone. How many corpses are under this grave?」(Z) 「Th-there are ten.」(O) Otis, who unconsciously covered his nose and mouth from the putrid smell, moaned out a reply.He was doing his best restraining his nausea. Compared to him, Zirconia didn’t have any apparent change in her expression and began to clear the dirt that was clinging on the neck stump. 「……」(Z) Although Zirconia stopped moving for several second to confirm the neck, she immediately stood up and once more entered the grave hole.Then, just like before, she cleared up the dirt and quickly pulled out the corpse from the grave hole.After repeating this with Otis for several times, there were 10 corpses lined up in front of the hole. 「…… If you can’t stand it, you may leave first, you know. I will do the rest afterward.」(Z) 「No…… I’m alright. Is Zirconia-sama alright yourself?」(O) When asked by Otis, Zirconia made a blank expression and then made a wry smile. 「I am not that alright. Even now, I want to throw up. But, since I don’t eat anything this morning, perhaps it’s better than you.」(Z) 「I-is that so?」(O) ‘In that case, please inform me to not eating the breakfast’, criticized Otis inside his mind.However, even if he didn’t eat the breakfast, he didn’t have any confidence that he could do the autopsy in an indifferent manner just like Zirconia. Even afterward, Zirconia continued her examination of the wound in the lined up corpses. There was one corpse that attracted her attention. 「This is……」(Z) Zirconia muttered while touching the corpse hand.The corpse’s right arm had its wrist strangely deformed.It was as if it had been crushed by a tremendous force and bent into unnatural direction. It was the corpse of the bandits that had his wrist crushed by Valetta. Zirconia gazed at the crushed wrist for a few moment, then after letting out a sigh, she stood up. 「It’s enough. Let’s reburied the corpses.」(Z) Zirconia instructed Otis, who was enduring nausea beside her, and they began returning the corpses back to the grave hole. ✧✦✧✦ After Zirconia reburied the corpses, inside a large tent exclusive for her use, she took off the clothes that had been stained by the corpses’ scent and changed into new clean clothes.Then, without taking a break, she went into Grisea Village, but there was an abnormal sight appeared before her eyes in the village. 「What is…… this……」(Z) In Grisea Village’s fields, the potato plants growing there had huge leaves and vines, the kind she never saw before. The leafy vegetables raised there also was several times larger than usual.It was as if they had been transformed into gigantic by some kind of magic spell. The fields were cramped by huge vegetables that she doubted that what she saw was real.Even though, in the cont

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