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Chapter 8

The Best Reward 「Kazura-sama, is this board's thickness okay?」「Let’s me see, I think it is all right . Also, why do you call me with ‘-sama’?」

One day after ordering the watermill . Amidst the sound of saw cutting down the tree and the villager's chatters, Kazura directs the villager into building a aqueduct from wooden boards . It will channel the water from the waterwheel-powered water pump . Near the forest entrance in the outskirt of the village, Kazura and the villagers work with the trees that they had felled . 「I understand . Then, the next 60 board will have the same thickness as this one . 」 The young men of the village are confirming the board thickness with Kazura, and then start to be immersed in their work with serious expression . Even if Kazura complain 「Will the next one will be perfect?」, he still gives direction to villagers who inquire him . 「Kazura-sama, is this support pillar's thickness and length fine?」「Hmm, the thickness is fine but the length is a bit too long, please make it about this long . And also please stop adding ‘–sama’ . 」「I understand, so it is about this long . I will tell the others . 」 The villager drags away the support pillar which had been measured with a meter and marked with permanent marker . Then that same villager comes back once again while dragging the support behind him . 「Eh? What is this? Bullying? This is bullying right?」「Kazura-san, I want to tell you that a lunch had been prepared . . . Is something wrong?」 Kazura was cursing while reviewing the waterwheel blueprint he drew in A4-sized notebook . Valetta and several village girls then arrived and brought the newly cooked porridge in several pots using the pullcart . 「Everyone in the village address me with –sama honorofics . Please do something about it . 」「Aa . . . . . . Everybody wants to say their grat.i.tude to Kazura-san which they hold in high esteem . Please humbly receive it . 」「Eeh . . . . 」 Not accustomed being addressed with honorifics, Kazura frankly show his displeased expression . So, Valetta said, 「Well, isn’t it fine? Leaving that aside, it’s time to eat so can you take a break from your work?」 Well, being addressed with honorifics is not something bad, so about being addressed with –sama honorifics, he decides to not let it bother him . 「I see, It’s the time right? I understand, let’s take a break . . . . . . Everyone, the food has arrived so please gather to eat your share! We will continue after we finish the meal . 」 Kazura called the villagers, from here and there they reply with acknowledgement . This is a good time to stop, also several villagers is watching the work place, so there might not be any problems . 「Please wash your hand using this . I will bring the porridge now . 」 Valetta put a bucket in front of Kazura, from the pot in Pullcart the porridge is scooped into a bowl . The other girls are also carrying buckets around and distributing bowl of porridge and the cup fwater from the wooden tray to the gathered villager . 「Yes, sorry for the wait . Now then, please distribute it to the others . 」「A, Valetta! Leave this place to us . You just go and eat together with Kazura-sama!」 While distributing food to the queuing villagers, a girl said so to the Valetta who was standing behind the pullcart . 「E, but . . . . 」 Valetta steal glance to Kazura’s direction and become perplexed . The food for Kazura had been placed in a different tray, ready to be delivered . 「It’s okay, it’s okay, Leave it to me . 」

While saying that, the girl hand over tray with the food to Valetta, before going back to her work . 「Errr . . . May I sit beside you?」 With a small smile, Valetta asks while putting down the tray she carried . 「Sure, be my guest . 」 So she sits beside Kazura . For Kazura, except for Valetta and the village chief, he seldom engages in conversation with the villagers . So when Valetta come his mind felt more at ease . Kazura isn’t shy or afraid of strangers, however because

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