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Chapter 22

The Mystery of Potato Fields On the next day, after Kazura was almost restrained in Isteria . The moon, instead of the sun, started to show its s.h.i.+ny face towards the earth . Kazura’s group reached Grisea Village’s entrance . They had finally returned home . Compared to the time when they departed from the village they carried much less luggage . They put the things they brought in their own sack-bag, while the goods they bought in Isteria were put on a small cloth bag . In addition to this, Lodurr also carried 2 birds inside a wooden cage .

Because of the steep increase in the price of food, the price of crop seeds were also became expensive . Fortunately with the money from selling Kazura’s red crystal and Almar fur, they could stock several crop seeds that never produced by the village until now . Furthermore, they purchased a pair of Rootcut Bird[1] (that name came because they like to dig earth to eat the root of gra.s.ses), a bird that had an outer appearance of chicken . These birds will deliver 1 egg per week, so it’s easy to breed them . With that, the dining table of the villager could become slightly more plentiful . However, even if the Rootcut Bird’s egg was incubated most of it failed to hatch into chicks . It’s been said that even if only 5 of the eggs could hatch and grow into adulthood on it short 3 years lifespan, it’s already considered as most satisfactory . Furthermore, although they have degenerated wing so they can’t fly, it’s amazing that they haven’t gone extinct until now . Or at least that was the explanation Kazura heard when he purchased the Rootcut Bird . He thought isn’t that because humans find them tasty?[2] By the way, the price of the pair of Rootcut Bird was 800 Ar . In addition, on the sack-bag Kazura carried, were 2 han[3] of fabric that will used to make clothing . The clothing from j.a.pan that Kazura wore until now in this another world were too conspicuous, so Valetta suggested that they tailored new clothes for him . Kazura suggested that they should just buy ready-made clothes, but then Valetta strongly objected and said that this is for showing their grat.i.tude to everything Kazura had done, so he decided to accept her kind offer . Leaving the village’s entrance they arrived at the village chief’s house . Valin and several villagers saw that Kazura returned and greeted them while feeling relieved . 「Kazura-san, you must be tired from your long journey[4] . Now them, come inside since there is warm dinner prepared, leave your luggage and please enjoy the meal . Everyone else come inside and join us . 」(Valin) 「I’m home . . . . Oh, grilled fish and rice meal[5] . This is quite lavis.h.!.+」(Kazura) Prompted by Valin, Kazura entered the living room on the residence . Everyone dinner had already been prepared and a scent that stimulated the appet.i.te was lingering inside . The skewered river fish was grilled with salt atop of fire in the hearth, while the large pot, where the mountain herbs and meat and other ingredients were mixed with the seasoned rice, was boiling . Since Valetta said that it’s rare for the villagers to fish in the river, Kazura thought that Valin and the other villagers specially caught the fishes for the occasion where they are coming back . Because their meal had been only canned food and salty broth for the last 4 days, they were really thankful for the warm meal on the pot and the grilled fish . 「Kazura-sama, is your foot alright?」(Village Girl) While Kazura was putting down the wooden rack and his sack-bag, one of the village girls that helped to prepare the food stopped her work and came to Kazura, after she noticed Kazura’s bandaged foot while she was looking at him . 「Yes . It maybe because I never walked that much in my daily lives that my foot sole has blister and it was crushed up the other day . Although being wrapped by the bandage reduced the pain, it is still a little painful . 」(Kazura) Kazura answered while feeling embarr

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