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Chapter 98

Kazura returned to his room with Liese and picked up the remote control for the air conditioner that was on the table .

Liese stood there like a stick with a stunned expression as she looked at the refrigerator, laptop, and a large pile of cardboard boxes in her room .

Kazura pointed the remote to the air conditioner and pressed the ‘cooling’ b.u.t.ton .

The air conditioner in the corner of the room emitted an electronic ‘beep’ and slowly turned the blower on .

“Sit down properly . I’ll show you a few tools . ”

“Oh, um, what’s that box over there that’s moving on its own?”

Liese asks the question while staring at the air conditioner that has started to move on its own, forgetting to even stop being respectful .

“This is an air conditioner, a tool that heats and cools the room . Go near it . ”


As prompted, Lise walked under the air conditioner .

Kazura operated the remote control and set the air volume to high and the temperature to 16 degrees .

“Ah, the breeze … it’s cool!”

Liese marveled as she felt the cold wind blowing out of the air conditioner on her face .

Her expression loosened at the feeling .

“Do you like it?”

“It feels good…”

As if it was so pleasant, Liese continued to bathe in the cold air with a blissful expression on her face .

Her expression had completely relaxed .

”Let’s get you a cold drink too?”

Kazura took out a pitcher of barley tea that he had made from the refrigerator and together they poured it into a silver cup that he had chilled in the fridge and handed it to Lise .

“Yes, this is cold barley tea . It’s delicious . ”

“Oh, thank you … it’s cold!”

Receiving a cup of chilled barley tea, Liese marveled again .

“Here, let’s add some ice, too?”

Kazura took more ice out of the ice room and put some in the cup Liese was holding .

The ice in the cup with a clang, making a unique sound as it made a crunching sound as it dipped into the barley tea .

“What? Ice! It’s summer now, right!”

“Yeah, it’s summer . ”

“Why is there ice in the summer?”

“This is a tool called a refrigerator, and it can be used to keep food cold and make ice . Well, just take a sip for now . ”

“Yes, yes, I’ll take it … it’s delicious! It’s cold!”

“I know, right?”

Kazura nodded at Liese, who was happy to see his expression change, and sat down on a chair at the table with a book bag in his hand, which had been left in the corner of the room .

“I’ll show you some tools, would you mind sitting there?”


He waits for Liese to take a seat and search through the contents of his Book bag .

Liese is staring at it, holding a cup of barley tea in her hands .

“So, this is a LED lantern, a lighter and…”


As Kazura began to lay the tools on the table, Liese noticed the lighter and spoke up .

“That’s the one I picked up when I met with Kazura-sama in the commercial section, isn’t it?”

“Oh yeah . I was just sneaking in to visit then, so I was in a hurry when Liese picked up my lighter . ”

“Yes, I was as surprised as I was at the time… oh, I’m sorry! I’m not sure I’m being respectful…”

Liese looked awkward as she realized she’d been being respectful the whole time .

“It’s okay . It’ll take some time to get used to it . ”

Kazura picked up the lighter and made sure the firepower setting was at a minimum before offering it to Liese .

“Here you go . I’ve got it so it won’t produce as big a fire as before, just press it . ”

“Uh-huh . ”

Liese put down her cup and accepted the lighter .

She grabbed the lighter with her left hand and attached her right index finger to it as if she was scared .

When you push the b.u.t.ton firmly in, a small fire appears with a click .


Liese ticks the ignition b.u.t.ton on her lighter and then shouts out as she watches it go off .

“How on earth does this work?

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