MonarchV1 The True King
There once was a boy named keno his father was the King of rekin Kingdom Chapters per week 2 may vary due to school Come join let's talk Join here: I am In need of a artist to draw my book cover
DankPotato Grimoire of the Immortal Emperor
Motherless at a young age and fatherless at an even younger age Maximus is thrown into the world of Gaia. A world full of magic, intrigue, and tragedy influenced by the gods who created it. His only option in life is survival through the only viable option. Power.
Serendipity_19 A Sweet Life; To Become the CEO’s Beloved Wife
A Sweet Life; To Become The CEO's Beloved Wife Are you familiar to the saying... "Love at First Sight"? Then, do you believe in "Love at First Night"? A love that had blossom on a one night stand... A shared moment of two strangers, swathe in liquor, on a harmonious night Two people that are bounded together by the sweet product of Nirvana A gentle and gorgeous woman, paired up...
Ms_y5mi3 Changes that I never Expected
Mi Ckael has been in love to Sy Yster and for no certain reason Sy Yster who was a lovely and carefree girl was kost and had become wild and shameless hypocrite. Mi Ckael has been doing his effort even Sy Yster cannot apprecaite it. Will she be abke to fall inlove with Mi Ckael or Mi Ckael will fall out of love after all the efforts have been wasted?

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